Personalized, Quick and Anonymous Monitoring

of contacts with infected or suspected
as infected co-workers

Challenges for Companies and Employees during periods of infectious diseases spread.

Invisible Spread

The long incubation period and lack of symptoms manifestation could result in higher number of infected employees who are in routine interactions.

Solving The Unknowns

In case of an infected employee, the questions are: Who has been in contact with the infected employee? Who to test first? Who to go under quarantine? Am I sick?

Reduced Productivity

due to staff under quarantine and the rest of the team working under stress.

Business Losses

or temporary closure of business due to the large number of infected employees and/or panic and fear among the stuff, refusing to appear to work.

Benefits of using InfectRadar in Your Company

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InfectRadar is a user-friendly application that allows monitoring contacts anonymously and places for infection, tracking infection route, increasing social and personal awareness, and adding one more defense layer against the infection spread in your company.
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InfectRadar helps to quickly resolve the puzzle who has been in contact with the infected or suspected ones. Thus, it allows to quarantine limited workforce, and ensures safe working environment for the rest of the team.
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InfectRadar allows employers to decide which employees to start testing first in case of infection penetration in the company.
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InfectRadar minimizes the business impact of reduced operations and guarantees business continuity during human to human transmitted diseases.

Two Applications for
True Results

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The Mobile Application
designed for individuals or employees providing personalized and anonymous real time monitoring with reference to their contact with infected or as infected patients and places.
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The Administrative Application
for administrative authorised personnel with the feature to mark users as infected. Access to administrative application can be granted to HR or assigned manager!

The Process and How It Works?

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All employees install the InfectRadar application on their smartphones.
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Daily routine is related with plenty of face to face contacts.
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When employee X is infected.
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Via separate medical application, authorized personnel marks employee X as infected by entering his unique number in the system.
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Every single user, with installed InfectRadar application, who has been in contact with employee X receives notification.

Key details in InfectRadar

Personal Data Protection

  • INFECT RADAR does not collect any personal data!
  • By downloading, using and interacting with InfectRadar, the user gets a Secret Random Generated Number and remains anonymous.
  • There is no registration process!
  • Infected users are marked only from the INFECT RADAR MANAGER application by entering their Secret Unique Number into the system.

100% Guaranteed legitimacy of the infected cases

  • Infected users are marked from authorized personnel from an administrative application - INFECT RADAR MANAGER.
  • ● Access to operate with the administrative application can be granted to designated staff only.

Acquiring The Right Technology

Indispensable Technology

  • We’ve developed state-of-the-art native code applications for the best possible user experience.
  • It is hosted on the Amazon AWS Cloud with options for large scale and secure and backed up infrastructure.
  • Utilizing modern security practices. We also use Google’s Firebase products for our mobile messaging solution.

Customization Possibilities

INFECT RADAR is higly flexible for customization in order to match businesses of any scale and specific requirements.

Up to Date with Science and Medicine

Prof. Kosta Kostov

  • Assigned in 2020 as Chairman of the State Of Emergency Medical Council by The Council of Ministers reguarding the coronavirus pandemic in Bulgaria.
  • From 2008 to 2012 he was Chairman of the Management Board of the Bulgarian Society of Lung Diseases (BBSL).
  • In the period 2003 - 2019 managed the Clinic of Lung Diseases at the Military Medical Academy - Sofia.
  • National delegate of Bulgaria for The Global Initiative to fight with Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)(GOLD)
  • Member of
    • European Respiratory Society (ERS)
    • American Thoracic Society (ATS)
    • American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP)

INFECT RADAR follows the medical recommendations from Center for Disease Control and Prevention

A Team of Experienced Professionals

Nikolay Petkov
Master of Pharmacy
MBA- Cardiff

14 years in Novartis Pharmaceutical Bulgaria. Last 4 years in position digital lead for Novartis Bulgaria

Veselin Georgiev
PhD Software Project management

Over 16 years of experience in software development covering all roles from developer to CTO. Responsible for InfectRadar technology architecture and development and also role related to innovations and analytics.

Alexander Yovchev
EMBA Sheffield University

Experienced senior manager with over 15 years of experience of IT company management, service delivery, project management and technical consulting

Rumen Ignatov
Master in Law, Sofia University

18 years of experience in legal practice. Senior Partner at “Jordanov, Ignatov & Ivanov” Industrial Property Representative at the Patent Office of Republic of Bulgaria Angel investor in tech start-ups

Top Consulting from Leading Experts

Prof. Kosta Kostov
Pulmonology for Bulgaria

Assigned in 2020 as Chairman of The State Of Emergency Medical Council by the Council of Ministers reguarding the coronavirus pandemic in Bulgaria.

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